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Home Inspections

Our experienced inspectors will work with you to ensure you understand the areas of improvement discovered during the review of your home. We'll make sure you understand what trade(s) are best suited to further assess and expedite a repair if needed.


It helps to know what your buying

Our inspectors visually inspect over 450 individual aspects of your home inside and out.  It would be the equivalent of having 11 Trades (Plumbing, Heating, Electrical, Landscaping, etc)  review your entire property.

Builder And Inspector Looking At New Property.jpg

One on One Reviews Available

 If the Seller is agreeable and the Realtor has gotten approval in advance,  following the Inspection, the Inspector will walk through the house with you and review their findings.  That includes the positive aspects of the inspection along with the areas that may need attention.

Rain water leaks on the wall causing damage.jpg

Complete Top to Bottom Review

We start outside and work our way into the house inspecting all visible and accessible areas of the home.  when we give you a completed report and review it with you; you will gain a better understanding of the condition of your future home.

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